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Henry Karnes, Karnes City and Karnes County

Henry Wax Karnes was a soldier in the Texas Revolution and later was a Texas Ranger.  He was born in Tennessee in 1812 and grew up in Arkansas. He first came to Texas on a visit in 1828 and later returned for good in 1835 when he enlisted in the army under Captain John York.  One of the first battles he is known to have participated in was the Battle of Concepción (on the grounds of Mission Concepción) and later in the Siege of Bexar.  He was also associated with Erastus “Deaf” Smith and is thought to be the first to deliver the news to Sam Houston of the fall of the Alamo mission to Santa Anna.


(Mission Concepción)

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Wise County, Texas

Wise County is located in North Texas.  While most counties are named for people with a more direct connection to the history of Texas, Wise County is named for Virginia Governor Henry Wise.  The county was carved out of nearby Cooke County in 1856.

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Quanah Parker

Quanah Parker is thought to have been born around 1850, although his exact date of birth is unrecorded, and he died in 1911. He was the son of Chief Peta Nocona and Cynthia Ann Parker, who was taken captive by the Comanche during the Fort Parker Massacre in 1836 when she was 9 years old. Cynthia lived most of her adult life with the tribe and at the time of her recapture in 1860 had become virtually assimilated into the culture and the tribe. The circumstances of the battle which resulted in her recapture are debated, with Texas Ranger Sul Ross having claimed to have killed Peta Nocona while others claimed that Nocona was not at the battle. However, it is agreed that Cynthia was recaptured at the battle and that Quanah escaped and was captured later, at another location.

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Iowa Park, Texas

Iowa Park (33°57′13″N 98°40′16″Wis located in Wichita County, west of Wichita Falls.  It was founded in the 1880s by General Grenville M. Dodge.  At that time, it was mostly miles of prairie grassland growing on what appeared to be miles of sandy loam.  These conditions and the accessibility of surface water caused Dodge to feel that the location would be favorable for farming.  The area was reached by the Fort Worth and Denver City Railway and first named Dagger Switch, becoming a recognized township in about 1882 .  Shortly thereafter, the Texas Panhandle Company organized immigration trains to encourage settlers to relocate to the area, many coming from Iowa.

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