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Angelina Eberly

Angelina Peyton Eberly is credited with having saved Austin as the capital of Texas by preventing the state archives from being removed to another location.  While her name may not be as familiar as others, her story is one worth knowing.

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Death of Oliver Loving

Charles Goodnight wrote of the death of his friend Oliver Loving in the book The Trail Drivers of Texas by J. Marvin Hunter.  The book is widely available for purchase, and also can be downloaded.  In it, Hunter has assembled sketches and observations of the cattle drivers of the 1800s.

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William Cowper Brann


(Image credit: Texas Co-op Power Magazine)

William Cowper Brann was born in Coles County, Illinois in 1855 and was raised by a local farmer after his mother died when he was 2 1/2.  His first job was to serve as a bell boy at a local hotel.  Following that, he worked as a painter, a drummer, a grainer, a printer, a reporter and an editorial writer.  It was written that he talked his way into a position as chief editorial writer for the Houston Post.  Brann earned a reputation for being a hard worker at whatever he attempted to do.

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Samuel Maverick


Samuel Augustus Maverick was born in the summer of 1803 in South Carolina to Samuel and Elizabeth Anderson Maverick.  His father operated an import business.  Young Samuel worked in the family business, graduating from Yale University in 1825.  He left the family business and moved to Virginia in 1828 to study law.  For a while he practiced law and in 1833 he moved to Georgia for a year before relocating to Alabama to operate a plantation that had been given to him by his father.

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