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Frank Hardy, one time member of the Barrow Gang


On Christmas Day, 1932, Doyle Johnson of Temple was taking a nap after the family Christmas dinner when he was awakened by his wife saying that some individuals were trying to steal his new car, parked outside.  Mrs. Johnson yelled for them to stop as Doyle ran to the car, jumped on the running board and struggled with the thief, Clyde Barrow, who fatally shot him.  Bonnie Parker, Barrow and W. D. Jones escaped with the stolen car.

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Wilbarger County, Texas


Wilbarger County is named for Josiah Pugh Wilbarger and his brother Mathias. Josiah lived from 1801-1844 and was the son of John and Ann Wilbarger. His place of birth is listed either as Rockingham County, Virginia or Bourbon County, Kentucky. He married the former Margaret Barker in Missouri in 1827 and they relocated to Matagorda, Texas in December of that year. He taught school in Matagorda for a year before moving to La Grange in Fayette County. From some time after that, he was a surveyor by trade and and eventually moved to a settlement about ten miles north of present day Bastrop, Texas, staking his own claim in an area contested by Indians about 26 miles southeast of Austin.

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Audie Murphy, a Texas Hero


Audie Leon Murphy was born in the village of Kingston, Hunt County, Texas (north of Greenville) in 1925 to Emmett Berry and Josie Bell Killian Murphy, a family of sharecroppers. Audie was the sixth of twelve children. His father abandoned the family when Audie was eight and his mother died when he was a teenager. Audie dropped out of school at the elementary level, in order to help support his family. Looking at this humble resume, not much would have been expected of him.

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Nocona, Texas

Nocona, Texas (coordinates: 33°47′18″N 97°43′35″W) is located in Montague County and was named for Peta Nocona, a famous Comanche warrior and chief.  It was founded about 1887 and was the last stop on the Chisolm Trail before its the cattle drives came to the Red River on their way from Texas ranches to railheads in Kansas.

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