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Unsolved mystery? Jesse James’ gravesite


The  outlaw Jesse Woodson James (1847-1882) is generally thought to have been shot and killed by Robert Ford on April 3, 1882.  Ford, a James gang member, reportedly shot James, then 34 years old, in the back of the head at the Kearney, Missouri home of Ford’s sister as they prepared to head out for another robbery.  Ford’s motive was to obtain a reward. Ford and his brother pled guilty to murder but were pardoned by the Missouri governor Thomas Crittendon. Although James body was identified and buried in Kearney, Missouri,  alternative accounts persist that he somehow faked his death and moved to Texas. Read the rest of this entry »


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Unsolved Mystery? The Train Explosion at Paisano Pass

“Engineer Dies, Fireman Shot, In Mysterious Train Tragedy.”  This was the sensational headline on the front page of the Bisbee, Arizona Daily Review on Saturday July 9, 1921.

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