Juan Nepomuceno Almonte

Juan N. Almonte was born in 1803 in Nocupéntaro, in the district of Carácuaro, in the state of Michoacán to Father José María Morelos y Pavón and Brigida Almonte, who is believed to be of Indian heritage. Nocupéntaro is located west southwest of Mexico City about halfway between it and the Pacific coast of Mexico. Because he was illegitimate, Juan took the name of his mother. Father Morelos is thought to have been the father of at least two other male children by other women and perhaps a sister by Brigida.

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Gay Hill, Texas

Though perhaps not as familiar a name as either Independence or Washington, there is a great deal of Texas history that is connected to the former residents of this small community. Gay Hill was named for Thomas Gay and William Carroll Jackson Hill. Gay and Hill were said to have been store owners in this Washington County settlement, though some accounts say that only Hill owned the store. The settlement was originally known as Chriesman Settlement after Horatio Chriesman (1797-1878).

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The Spikes Brothers Murders

The January 23, 1902 article was widely reported in United States newspapers that in New Mexico, three brothers had been ambushed while riding horseback on the way back to their homes. Dick and John Spikes were killed and Fred Spikes was badly wounded, but managed to make it to the home of a neighbor who helped him to obtain medical treatment. The Arkansas Gazette article shown below ended by stating that Fred Spikes said that he knew the attacking party but would give no names.

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