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George Bernard Erath

george_bernard_ erath

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George Bernard Erath was born in Vienna, Austria in 1813.  He was educated at Vienna Polytechnic Institute where he studied liberal arts.  Young Erath lived on his own and worked for a few years in Europe, eventually setting sail for America.  One of the reasons given for his departure was that he did not want to be drafted into service for the Austrian Army.  Whatever his justification for not wanting to serve in Austria, he would show no reluctance whatsoever to fight for the State of Texas.  In fact, he spent years doing just that.  He arrived in America in the summer of 1832 in New Orleans.  He then worked in Cincinnati, Ohio before returning to the South again in Florence, Alabama for a short time.  Erath then relocated to Texas in 1833 where he would remain for the rest of his life, entering at Brazoria on the Gulf and settling in Robertson County.

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H. Joaquin Jackson, Texas Ranger


Jackson was a Texas Ranger during most of his law enforcement career, serving in the Uvalde area and later in Alpine.  He was born in 1935 and hired on with DPS briefly before becoming a Texas Ranger.  He served a total of 27 years with the Texas Rangers before retiring in 1993.

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Governor James V. Allred and the Texas Rangers

The 1935 election of James V. Allred as governor of Texas marked a turning point for the Texas Rangers as a law enforcement organization.  For several decades, the force had not kept up with the growth of crime in the Lone Star State.  There were a few bright spots, however, such as former Texas Ranger Frank Hamer’s 1934 stakeout and ambush of outlaws Bonnie and Clyde.  Although it had the effect of boosting the image of the Rangers that had deteriorated under earlier governors, the crime problems in the state still existed.

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John Salmon “RIP” Ford, Texas Ranger


John Salmon Ford was born in 1815 in South Carolina.  His family later moved to Shelbyville, Tennessee where he studied medicine.  Ford came to Texas shortly after the Battle of San Jacinto, arriving in June of 1836.  One of his first memories in Texas was to attend a Forth of July celebration in San Augustine in which Sam Houston was honored.  Houston was still suffering from his wounded leg, but he gave a rousing speech.  Ford joined the  Texas Army and served until about 1838 under Col. Jack Hays, participating in many Indian battles.  He then set up a medical practice in San Augustine which he operated until about 1844.  During this time, he also studied law and passed the bar exam.  In 1844, he won an election and began serving in the Texas House.  It was Ford who introduced the resolution for Texas Annexation by the United States.

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John Horton Slaughter


John Horton Slaughter, nicknamed “Texas John” Slaughter was born October 2, 1841 in what is now known as Sabine Parish, Louisiana.  His parents, Benjamin and Minerva Mabry Slaughter were living on a plantation there, before relocating to Texas.  He was raised in Texas and grew up working on a ranch with his father and brothers.  He joined the Texas Rangers shortly before the outset of the Civil War.  He then enlisted in the Confederate Army in 1862 and served until 1864 when he was sent home due to an unspecified illness.  Once he was able, he returned to serve in the Third Frontier Division of the Texas State Troops in Burnet County until the end of the war.

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James Buchanan Gillett, Texas Ranger


If you are looking for a good book about Texas history, Six Years With the Texas Rangers is very well written and quite interesting, first published in 1921.  Though James B. Gillett was a Ranger for only six years, these were some of the six most important years for the post-Reconstruction Rangers in the Frontier Battalion.

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John B. Jones, Texas Ranger


Ranger John B. Jones was born on December 11, 1834 to Col. Henry Jones and Nancy Elizabeth Robertson Jones in South Carolina, the only son of five children. The family moved to Texas in 1839, settling near current day Austin.  Mrs. Jones’ brother, Dr. Joseph William Robertson had settled in the area a couple of years earlier and at the time he was practicing medicine from a log cabin around what is now Congress Avenue between 3rd and 4th Streets in Austin.  Henry Jones had served in the militia and commanded a regiment under future President of the Republic Mirabeau B. Lamar.  He had fought at the battle of Plum Creek and others and was elected to the first Texas Legislature that convened in February, 1846.

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