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The Old 300 and Family Ties

The Old 300 refers to settlers in Moses Austin and Stephen F. Austin’s colony in Texas.  Moses Austin petitioned the Spanish government to be allowed to settle in Texas in late 1820 and received his grant in early 1821.  Shortly thereafter, Moses Austin died in Missouri and his son Stephen F. Austin elected to replace his father in the arrangement.  This was later confirmed by the Spanish governor who formally recognized Stephen F. Austin as the person to succeed Moses and complete the grant.

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Happy New Year

This blog has been ongoing for exactly a year now.  Thank you all for taking the time to share our stories.  We’ll see you next year, Lord willing.

You have indicated that you like the variety of the weekly featured stories, also the unsolved mysteries, the real characters depicted in “Texas Rising” and most of all, the biographical sketches of those people who made the Lone Star State what it is today.



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Dad’s Trip to the Texas Centennial State Fair, 1936

In September 1936, Dad was living in Alvord, Texas, on Hubbard Street at the edge of town. There were no house numbers back then, he recalls. His aunt Ovie and uncle Bunk who lived in Petrolia, Texas had made plans to take Dad and his cousin Jimmy to the state fair in Dallas. Dad was about 10 1/2 and Jimmy was about six months older. Uncle Bunk was a tailor and had a shop in Petrolia. Dad said that the night before, Uncle Bunk had driven his family down to Alvord to be ready to leave for Dallas the next morning.

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Concho Stage Station

What do US Senator William Blakley, Tom Braniff, the Butterfield Stage Line, University of Texas and Scottish Rite Hospital all have in common?  Answer: The Concho Stage Station.

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