Jim McIntyre & Jim Courtright

As unlikely as it might seem, the Saturday, May 16, 1885 edition of the Stratfordshire (England) Sentinel Daily and Weekly carried an article with the title “A Pair of American Desperadoes” about the search for two criminals, Jim Courtright and Jim McIntyre, the latter of whom had just been apprehended.

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Sarah E. Putman Mitchell, Former Captive

Sarah Elizabeth Putman Mitchell was one of the four children of Mitchell A. Putman (1794 – 1887) and Rebecca Hall Putman (1802 – 1846) who were taken captive by the Comanche on December 9, 1838 along with Matilda Lockhart. Sarah was born to the couple in May, 1832 while they were living in Benton, Alabama.

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Mobeetie, Texas

Mobeetie is generally considered to be the first town to arise and also remain in the Panhandle of Texas. It now is located in Wheeler County. Its origin dates back to the mid 1870s when trading in buffalo hides was economically profitable. Trails were established where traders from northern states including Kansas would interact with buffalo hunters. The settlement that sprang up became known as Hide Town or Hidetown.

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Britt Johnson

The story of Britton “Britt” Johnson is remarkable for many reasons. He was known to have been brave, a loving husband and father and a capable businessman. He was born into slavery although he was a freedman for at least several years before his death. Possibly related to the fact that he was at one time a slave and that his family line seems to have ended without any known descendants, detailed genealogy information about Britt Johnson and his family is still unknown.

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