Mirabeau B. Lamar’s Poetry, 2

Carmelita, know ye not
For whom all hearts are pining?
And know ye not, in Beauty’s sky,
The brightest planet shining?
Then learn it now-for thou art she,
Thy nation’s jewel, born to be
By all beloved, but most by me-
O Donna Carmelita

But wo is me thy love to lose,
Apart from thee abiding;
Between us roars a gloomy stream,
Our destiny dividing.
That stream with blood incarnadined
Flows from thy nation’s erring mind,
And rolls with ruin to thy kind,
O Donna Carmelita.

‘Tis mine, while floating on the tide,
To stick to love and duty;
I draw my sabre on the foe,
I strike my harp to beauty;
And who shall say the soldier’s wrong,
Who, while he battles with the strong,
Still softens war with gentle song,
O Donna Carmelita?

I soon shall seek the battle-field,
Where Freedom’s flag is waving-
My Texas comrades by my side,
All perils madly braving;
I only grieve to think each blow,
That vengeance bids the steel bestow,
Must make thee mine eternal foe,
O Donna Carmelita.

Full well I know thy pride will spurn
The brightest wreaths I bring thee;
Full well I know thou wilt not heed
The sweetest songs I sing thee;
Yet, all despite thy scorn and hate,
Despite the thousand ills of fate,
I still my soul must dedicate-
To Donna Carmelita.

Then fare thee well, dear, lovely one-
May happiness attend thee;
Ten thousand harps exalt thy name,
Ten thousand swords defend thee:-
And when the sod is on my breast,
My harp and sabre both at rest,
May thou and thine be greatly blest,
O Donna Carmelita.

–Mirabeau B. Lamar