Poem for Veterans Day

A Young Girl-To the Unknown Soldier

I was only a baby
When you went to war.
I knew nothing of the torturing fears
That war can bring.
And yet my heart aches for you-
And for your mother.
Tonight, remembering you,
I pray to God.
I beg a puzzled world
To have done without bitterness and misunderstanding.
I say again and again,
“Do not let my husband and son
Be torn from the tenderness
Of my arms.”
It is not a brave way of speaking.
But I do not see the tragic splendor
Of your grave.
I see a woman’s heart weeping-
For you.”

–by Elise Betty Kauders

From time to time we will post items that do not directly have a Texas connection.  The above poem by 18 year old Elise Betty Kauders was printed in the Lubbock Morning Avalanche in Lubbock, Texas on Armistice Day November 11, 1936 after being published in the November edition of Good Housekeeping in 1934.  Several of her poems and book reviews had been published by the time she graduated from high school.  Elise eloped and married Frederick Loeb in 1941.  Frederick was later drafted during WWII and served in the U.S. Army in Italy.  Elise tried to complete her college education several times but was interrupted by the Great Depression and for other reasons, but she finally got her college degree at the age of 50.

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3 thoughts on “Poem for Veterans Day”

  1. WWI was a war that changed everyones’ way of life all over the world not just in America. The Great War, as it was called, lead directly into WWII and w seem go form from war to another. As long as there is human nature, greed, religious intolerance, and ignorance mankind will continue have these awful wars. One think we must not forget are all our veterians as their safrifice have giving us our freedom.


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