The Old 300 and Family Ties

The Old 300 refers to settlers in Moses Austin and Stephen F. Austin’s colony in Texas.  Moses Austin petitioned the Spanish government to be allowed to settle in Texas in late 1820 and received his grant in early 1821.  Shortly thereafter, Moses Austin died in Missouri and his son Stephen F. Austin elected to replace his father in the arrangement.  This was later confirmed by the Spanish governor who formally recognized Stephen F. Austin as the person to succeed Moses and complete the grant.

For the next few years, Stephen F. Austin made arrangements with families to settle in Texas for which they received titles to their respective properties.  Part of the arrangement included provisions that the allocated properties had to be occupied by the settlers within two years of the grant.  Out of nearly three hundred grants, almost all individuals and families were able to comply with this provision.  Only about 7 were forfeited.

Austin’s colony included land along the Colorado, San Bernard and Brazos rivers in the general vicinity of current day Washington, Grimes and Fayette counties and it extended to the Gulf of Mexico.  Most colonists were from southeastern states, some were slave holders, and some were already land owners.  The original arrangement was with the Spanish government, as noted above.  In August 1821, Spain had accepted the independence of Mexico.  So, Austin negotiated with the Mexican government to make similar contractual provisions with it, so all of the contracts were effectively between the settlers and Mexico.

Austin kept a record of his settler families and it is preserved in the archives of the Texas General Land Office.  Some time ago, someone mentioned that they were told that their ancestors included a well known Texas historical figure, but one not having to do with the Old 300.  We have not yet been able to verify the connection they were looking for, but in the process of researching that question we were surprised to discover a direct connection to one of the families listed below.  There is also an organization for descendants of the Old 300 called and they meet from time to time.  Could you be a descendant?

Families of the Old 300:
Elijah Allcorn Merit M. Coats Thomas S. Haynes Elizabeth McNutt June Salmeron Samuel M. Williams
Martin Allen John P. Coles James Hensley William McWilliams Joseph San Pierre Solomon Williams
Abraham Alley James Cook Alexander Hodge Shubael Marsh Robert Scobey Thomas Williams
John C. Alley John Cooke Francis Holland Wily Martin Marvin Scheick Zadock Woods aka Zaduck
Rawson Alley William Cooper William Holland William Mathis James Scott
Thomas Alley Robert Cooper Kinchen Holliman David H. Milburn William Scott
William Alley John Crownover James Hope Samuel Miller William Selkirk
Charles Alsbury James Cummings C.S. Hudson Samuel R. Miller Owen Shannon
Harvey Alsbury John Cummings George Huff Simon Miller David Shelby
Horace Alsbury Rebecca Cummins John Huff James D. Millican Daniel Shipman
Thomas Alsbury William Cummings Isaac Hughes Robert Millican Moses Shipman
Simeon Asa Anderson James (Jack) Cummins Eli Hunter William Millican Bartlet Sims
John Andrews James Curtis, Sr. Johnson Hunter Joseph Minus George Washington Singleton
William Andrews James Curtis, Jr. John Iiams [sic] Asa Mitchell Phillip Singleton
Samuel Angier Hinton Curtis Ira Ingram John L. Monks Christian Smith
James E.B. Austin Samuel Davidson Seth Ingram John H. Moore Cornelius Smith
John Austin Thomas Davis John Irons Luke Moore John Smith
Stephen F. Austin D. Deckrow Samuel Isaacks Moses Morrison William Smeathers
James B. Baily Charles Demos Alexander Jackson William Morton Gabriel S. Snider
Daniel E. Balis Peter Demos Humphrey Jackson David Mouser Albert L. Sojourner
William Baratt William B. Dewees Isaac Jackson James Nelson Nancy Spencer
Thomas Barnet John Dickinson Thomas Jamison Joseph Newman Adam Stafford
Thomas Hudson Barron Nicholas Dillard Henry W. Johnson Charles Isaac Nidever William Stafford
Mills M. Battle Thomas M. Duke Henry Jones M.B. Nuckols Thomas Stevens
James Beard George Duty James W. Jones James Orrick Owen H. Stout
Benjamin Beason Joseph Duty Oliver Jones Nathan Osborn John Strange
Charles Belknap Clement C. Dyer R. Jones William Parks Walter Sutherland
Josiah H. Bell Thomas Earle Imla Keep Joshua Parker David Tally
Thomas B. Bell G.E. Edwards John C. Keller William Parker John I. Taylor
M. Berry John Elam John Kelly Isaac Pennington George Teel
Isaac Best Robert Elder Samuel Kennedy George S. Pentecost Ezekiel Thomas
Jacob Betts Charles Falenash Alfred Kennon Freeman Pettus Jacob Thomas
Francis Biggam David Fenton James Kerr William A. Pettus Jesse Thompson
William Bloodgood James Fisher Peter Kerr John Petty Thomas J. Tone
Thomas Boatwright David Fitzgerald William Kerr J.C. Peyton James F. Tong
Thomas Borden Isaiah Flanakin William Kincheloe James A.E. Phelps Samuel Toy
Caleb R. Bostwick Elisha Flowers William Kingston I.B. Phillips John Trobough
John T. Bowman Isaac Foster James Knight Zeno Philips Elizabeth Tumlinson
Edward R. Bradley John Foster Abner Kuykendall Pamelia Picket James Tumlinson
John Bradley Randolph Foster Brazilla Kuykendall Joseph H. Polley Isaac Vandorn
Thomas Bradley James Frazier Joseph Kuykendall Peter Powell Martin Varner
Charles Breen Charles Fulshear Robert Kuykendall William Prater Allen Vince
Patrick Brias Charles Garret Hosea H. League Pleasant Pruitt Richard Vince
William B. Bridges Samuel Gates Joel Leakey William Pryor Robert Vince
David Bright William Gates Benjamin Linsey Andrew Rabb William Vince
Enoch Brinson Freeman George John Little John Rabb James Walker
Bluford Brooks Preston Gilbert William Little Thomas J. Rabb Thomas Walker
Robert Brotherington Sarah Gilbert Jane H. Wilkinson Long William Rabb Caleb Wallice
George Brown Daniel Gilleland James Lynch William Raleigh Francis F. Wells
John Brown Chester S. Gorbet Nathanael Lynch L. Ramey Amy White
William S. Brown Michael Gouldrich John McCroskey David Randon Joseph White
Aylett C. Buckner Thomas Gray Arthur McCormick John Randon Reuben White
Pumphrey Brunet Jared E. Groce David McCormick Frederic H. Rankin Walter C. White
Jesse Burnam Robert Guthrie John McCormick Amos Rawls William White
Micajah Byrd John Haddan Thomas McCoy Benjamin Rawls Boland Whitesides
Morris A. Callihan Samuel C. Hady Aechilles McFarlan Daniel Rawls Henry Whitesides
Alexander Calvit George B. Hall John McFarlan Stephen Richardson James Whitesides
David Carpenter John W. Hall Thomas F. McKinney Elijah Roark William Whitesides
William C. Carson W. J. Hall Hugh McKinsey Earle Robbins Nathaniel Whiting
Samuel Carter David Hamilton A.W. McClain William Robbins William Whitlock
Jesse H. Cartwright Abner Harris James McNair Andrew Roberts Elias D. Wightman
Thomas Cartwright David Harris Daniel McNeel Noel F. Roberts Jane Wilkins
Sylvenus Castleman John R. Harris George W. McNeel William Roberts George I. Williams
Samuel Chance William Harris John McNeel Edward Robertson Henry Williams
Horatio Chriesman William J. Harris John G. McNeel Andrew Robinson Sr. John Williams
John C. Clark George Harrison Pleasant D. McNeel George Robinson John R. Williams
Antony R. Clarke William Harvey Sterling McNeel James Ross Robert H. Williams

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  2. I believe one of my ancestors and his family were among the old 300. Is there a way to find this out? I’ve tried ancestry etc but only got so far. Thanks.


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