Electra Waggoner Biggs

Electra was a well known sculptor in addition to being one of the heirs to the Waggoner Ranch holdings.  She was born in Fort Worth on November 8, 1912 and died in Vernon on April 23, 2001 at the age of 88.  Her father was E. Paul Waggoner, a familiar name to residents of North Texas, and her mother was Helen Buck Waggoner.  She was the granddaughter of W. T. Waggoner, who with his father Dan was a founder of the ranch.  She was the great granddaughter of Solomon Waggoner who first came to the plains.

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David Adickes, Artist


Heading south on US 75 from the Red River, at Exit 67 on the west one can see a 17 foot tall bust of General Dwight David Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States. It was done by artist David Adickes, now of Huntsville, Texas. Though he worked out of several studios in Houston for most of his career, when he was in his 70s, he learned that his old high school in Huntsville was for sale, bought it and turned it into his own studio.

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