Butterfield Stage Line

Approximate route of the Butterfield Overland Stage though Texas

Special credit to Steven Craig.


The Butterfield Overland Mail Trail ran from about 1858 to 1861 on a route that began in either Memphis or St. Louis and terminated in San Francisco carrying passengers and U. S. Mail.  It began with the Overland Mail Expedition, which was a test of the route in January of 1858 and took about 25 days.  Ultimately, the same general route was authorized by then Postmaster General Aaron Brown to deliver the U. S. Mail.  Prior to this, mail was shipped from the Gulf of Mexico to Panama, freighted across Panama and shipped on to San Francisco and other west coast destinations or shipped around South America.

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Presidents, Republic of Texas, Part 3 (1842-1845)

The first three Presidents of the Republic of Texas reflected the various swings of political sentiment among Texas voters.  Sam Houston was followed by Mirabeau B. Lamar.  Following the Lamar term, Sam Houston was again elected President of the Republic and took office on December 13, 1841.

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Presidents, Republic of Texas, Part 2 (1836-1841)

Sam Houston and Mirabeau B. Lamar:

Sam Houston always had people who opposed him, whether it concerned his political philosophy, his lifestyle or his military strategy.  One such individual was Mirabeau B. Lamar.  These two men would serve as the first two Presidents of the young Republic of Texas.

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Post, Texas


The town of Post, Texas is the county seat of Garza County and was founded by Charles William Post, known for his Post cereals and other grain products.  Post had been attracted by the relatively undeveloped area nearby and in 1906, he acquired 213,324 acres that now straddle Garza, Hockley and Lynn Counties in Texas.  Out of this, he carved out a large tract for his own Double U Ranch and laid out a model town situated in Garza County. Continue reading Post, Texas

Erastus “Deaf” Smith

Erastus “Deaf” (pronounced “Deef”) Smith was an admirable person in “Texas Rising” and one in which the character of the individual may closely match the one portrayed in the miniseries.  His hearing loss was not complete, but was significant after suffering an illness some years prior to the Texas Revolution.  In some accounts, it was referred to as “consumption” (most likely, tuberculosis) which may have contributed to his death, though contemporary accounts were not specific as to the actual cause of death.  One newspaper account simply read, “His iron frame has sunk under the severe fatigues and exposures to which he has too willingly subjected himself.”

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