Gaines de Graffenried

Gaines de Graffenried was born August 10, 1905 in Chilton, Falls County, Texas. His parents were Fleming Taylor de Graffenried and Lousie Gaines de Graffenried. A few words about the spelling of the last name: In the same family tree, we have seen it spelled degraffenried, degraffenreid and degraftenreid. These may not even be all of the variations in the name. Sometimes the first two letters are separated from the rest, sometimes they are not. The G may or may not be capitalized. Despite the variations, they all may be members of the same family. We note a few of the members of the extended family below.

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Anne W. Marion

Anne Burnett Windfohr Marion (1938 – 2020) was the last Burnett descendant to own the Four Sixes Ranch. Her mother was Anne Valiant Burnett Tandy. Her grandfather was Thomas Loyd Burnett, son of Samuel Burk Burnett and his first wife Ruth Bottom Loyd Burnett.

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Jim McIntyre & Jim Courtright

As unlikely as it might seem, the Saturday, May 16, 1885 edition of the Stratfordshire (England) Sentinel Daily and Weekly carried an article with the title “A Pair of American Desperadoes” about the search for two criminals, Jim Courtright and Jim McIntyre, the latter of whom had just been apprehended.

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Matthew Ringal “Bones” Hooks

Matthew Hooks was born to former slaves, Alexander and Annie Clark Hooks in November of 1867 in Robertson County, Texas. He was the oldest of their eight children. His nickname “Bones” came from the skinny build he had as a child. He became a well respected horseman and one of Amarillo’s revered residents during his lifetime.

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John Birch

Some people may erroneously assume that John Birch was the founder of the society that bears his name, but he was not. Birch was born in 1918 in India to Presbyterian missionaries. His father had contracted malaria in India when John was two years old and the family returned to the United States. Young Birch attended high school in Georgia and a Baptist college there named Mercer.

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