Mexia, Texas

Mexia is located in Limestone County in east central Texas.  It was founded in the 1800s and lies just north of Fort Parker with Groesbeck being the nearest town to the south of the fort.  Before the Anglo settlement began in the area, it was home to Native American tribes including the Comanche.

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Floyd County and Floydada, Texas

There are 254 counties in Texas and 11 of them are named for Alamo defenders: Bailey, Bowie, Cochran, Cottle, Crockett, Dickens, Floyd, King, Lynn, Taylor and Travis counties.  Floyd County is one such county.  It was named for Dolphin Ward Floyd who is believed to have died on his birthday, March 6, 1836, in Santa Anna’s attack on the Alamo.  Ward Floyd was born in North Carolina in 1804 and later moved near Gonzales where he worked as a farmer.  In 1832, he married the recently widowed Esther Berry House, a mother of three by her first husband Isaac House, who also lived in Texas.

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Collin McKinney

Collin McKinney was a early settler in North Texas.  He was born in 1766 in New Jersey to a Scottish couple, Daniel and Mercy McKinney, making him 10 years old at the height of the American Revolution.  Near the end of the war, the family first moved to Virginia and then again on to Kentucky around 1780.

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Creed Taylor


It is hard to imagine reading about any of the key events surrounding the Texas Revolution and the times surrounding it without encountering the name of Creed Taylor.  Taylor was the son of a family of early Texas settlers.  Despite his youth, he is thought to have taken part in the following battles: the “Come and Take It” battle in Gonzalez, the Battle of Concepción, the Grass Fight, the Siege of Bexar, the Battle of San Jacinto and others.

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Burleson, Texas

The town of Burleson (32°32′9″N 97°19′38″Wnow sits along the border of Tarrant and Johnson counties.  It was originally founded by a rancher and minister by the name of Henry Carty Renfro.  Born in 1831, Renfro came from a Tennessee family who had originally settled in Cass County, Texas when he was about 20 years old.  In 1853, he entered Baylor University when it was located at Independence, in Washington County.  One of his mentors there was Rufus C. Burleson, a religiously conservative professor who had become President of the university in 1851.

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