George Adolphus Scarborough

George Adolphus Scarborough was born October 2, 1859 in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana to George Washington Scarborough and the former Martha Elizabeth Rutland. He was one of at least five siblings. In the 1860 census, the father is described as being a planter with 4,000 acres of land. In the 1870 census the father was shown as keeping a hotel. Between 1870 and 1880, the family had moved to Jones County, Texas. By then, George Adolphus had married the former Mary Frances McMahan on August 30, 1877 in McLennan County, Texas and began to raise their family.

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John Henry Selman

The El Paso Herald Post carried an article on November 1, 1973 telling of two pistols formerly belonging to outlaw John Wesley Hardin that would be on display in the lobby of the State National Bank for about two weeks.  One of the guns was a nickel plated Smith & Wesson D. A. Frontier pistol that Hardin was carrying when he died.  The second was a Colt “Thunderer” .41 caliber piston.  The latter was engraved with pearl grips.  This gun was taken from Hardin a few days earlier by Deputy Sheriff W. J. Ten Eyck after Hardin allegedly pulled the weapon and brandished it to take money he had lost in a crap game at the Gem Saloon, also called the Acme Saloon in other accounts.  The article continued to relate that Hardin had moved to El Paso in 1895 and set up a legal practice after studying the law while in prison and passing the Texas bar.  Hardin had reportedly killed as many as forty men, but was himself killed by John Henry Selman, a local constable.

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