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Judge Darrell Hester

Darrell Bernard Hester was born February 9, 1925 to James L. Hester and the former Lucille Tullos in Frost, Navarro County, Texas. James Hester was an auto mechanic but died at the age of 44 while working in Austin. Mrs. Lucille Hester survived her husband James Hester many years.

Darrell Hester graduated from Corsicana High School in 1942. World War II was already underway. The future jurist was one of four featured speakers at his high school graduation in a patriotic ceremony, the topic of the presentation being described as “a patriotic tribute to those able to discern between propaganda and free speech.” The first speaker spoke in support of free speech. Hester spoke illustrating the influential voice of rumor by stating hypothetical rumors that could affect support for the war effort. The remainder of the dialogue warned about the importance of separating rumor from truth. Hester was named as one of twenty-three honor graduates, having maintained a grade average of 90 or better throughout their high school years.

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